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23-Nov-2017 19:44

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The awful thing about sexual abuse is that victims feel it is their fault. I must have done something to encourage it, because it’s not happening to other girls.’ I know, rationally, that none of it was my fault, but another voice inside me still says, ‘You should never have gone to that house to see the puppies,’ and, ‘You shouldn’t have sat on his lap,’ and, ‘How did you allow that to happen? I’ve tried to block the abuse out of my head, but with the Jimmy Savile revelations it has all come flooding back.’ There is a lot of shame and stigma attached to sexual abuse, so I’ve never told anyone, apart from Mum a few years ago. I’ve been married twice, but I find it very hard to trust men. I’m not good at opening up and confiding in people, and I know I try far too hard to please, not just men but at work and with friends. I keep thinking about the thousands of young girls who are still being abused and who never speak out.As Dad’s close friend he was well protected and I think he knew we’d never tell. There were usually others in the room, and whenever I got up to move away from him my knickers twanged where he’d had his hand inside them, and it sounded so loud I remember thinking, ‘Everyone heard that,’ but no one ever said anything.Dad was too busy drinking at the bar or arguing with Jean to notice where I was.

I remember he came to the swings where we played, calling us his ‘favourite girls’. Diane kept saying, ‘Come on Rachael, it’s funny,’ but I didn’t think it was funny. He encouraged us to sit on his lap in the billiard room at the club, one girl on each knee, and his touching became more and more intimate.

She told me not to tell lies about Dad’s friends, and then told Dad. On the odd occasion when I was forced to go, I said ‘no’ to this man and he stopped, but he’d got away with it for three years.

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