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15-Sep-2017 04:30

He was even briefly married to Nyssa Al Ghul -- albeit against his will.

Now that the Olicity romance seems to be in his rear view, we're left wondering what's next for Oliver's love life.

Anyone who is a fan of The CW's Arrow is a sure fan of computer genius Felicity Smoak, and also probably a huge fan of Emily Bett Rickards.

As viewers of the series know, Felicity and Oliver drove off into the sunset during the Season 3 finale.

Last Summer, the actor made headlines for his shirtless appearance in the WWE ring, but meanwhile, his Instagrams show off a softer side.

Check out why Arrow is TV's sexiest show and reasons to follow Stephen on Instagram, then keep reading to see some of his sweetest moments with his family.

Nothing can ever really be easy for the Green Arrow, can it?

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“If they thought that we were destroying their comics’ mythos, I’m pretty sure they would have said something by now.” Plus, Amell says, it’s not bad to stray from the beaten path, as we saw with HBO’s now existing beyond the realm of the books, that was one of my favorite seasons of television ever,” Amell says.

I do think that there will be some exploration of a certain element of romance between the two of them, and I hope that people enjoy it, because I've found it to be really dynamic so far.

know that the tension between Susan Williams and Oliver Queen is about to become more than just romantic.

“I would say that we try to find a happy medium for both, try to live in the universe that the show has created where characters that weren’t a part of the Green Arrow mythos have become completely indispensable.” RELATED: ‘s Stephen Amell reflects on Oliver’s legacy “There are elements that you find in a TV show that make the show what they are,” Amell continues, “and that became Oliver’s relationship between Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] and Diggle [David Ramsey] — one character that’s completely original in terms of John Diggle, an ode to Andy Diggle, who wrote , and Felicity Smoak, who was plucked from the far reaches of the DC universe.

Thea Queen [Willa Holland] also does not exist in the comics and I think that’s all stuff that’s important to remember.” (Amell shares his thoughts on Olicity’s future here.) Over the course of five seasons, has also worked very closely with DC to stay true to the spirit of the comics.

However, that doesn't really answer another question some might have: is Emily Bett Rickards single/driving off into the sunset, too?

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