Statutory rape dating

07-Aug-2017 08:06

The laws regarding statutory rape vary by state, each specifying the age of consent, and other elements of the crime.Statutory rape differs from child molestation and forcible rape, in that the act would not be crime at all, if both parties had been above the age of consent.Sexual relations that involve force or coercion, no matter the age of the parties, is a different crime, and may be charged as aggravated rape, or molestation.Statutory rape laws date back to the middle ages, when they were enacted to protect young people, as they do not have the maturity, experience, or good judgement to make such an important decision, or to give informed consent.In addition to the age definition, statutory rape laws apply to other individuals who are legally unable to consent, including those with some physical and mental incapacities.To explore this concept, consider the following Origin 1873 English Having sexual relations with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or any other person, who is under the age of consent, is a dangerous proposition.

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Nichole is all dressed up, and IDs are checked before entering the bar, so Noah has no reason to suspect Nichole might be a minor.

When considering whether to allow a Romeo and Juliet exemption, the law considers the relative age of both parties, and uses this information as a factor to lessen the charges concerning the criminal act.

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