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But the kids, Tim and Jenny, become romantically attracted to each other, which makes David and Vicki VERY uncomfortable, and Vicki's ex-husband, Andy, furious.

It's no longer a happy family in this household.

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And why was there a knife for eating cucumbers IN THE CAR? The Takeaway: Take pity on the weird girl on the outskirts of your social circle. IMDB synopsis: When Lisa starts her freshman year of college, everything seems perfect.It's all part of the "fun."Distributors of the DVD struck gold with the cover redesign touting that this movie stars a 2-time Oscar winner.They might actually be able to fool people that this is a good movie!Spoiler alert: after we learn that the stepson is the one responsible for the murder of his father (step mom was previously on trial) he falls, in slow motion no less, to his death at their love shack.

The last scene of the movie is step mom spoon feeding her now paraplegic son/lover.

Actually, it was released during Swank's brief stint on 90210. The Takeaway: Should've stuck with swallowing gold fish as initiation.