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Tonga lies to the east of the 180° meridian but to the west of the International Date Line (IDL), in the time zone UTC .

Seventh-day Adventists typically observe the Sabbath on Saturday.

The church was revitalized in 1912 with renewed emphasis on evangelism.

In 1922 it resumed its strategy of providing education, which resulted in an increase in conversions.

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It was mostly written by Frances Waugh, the translator at Avondale Press, and Tongan students at the Avondale School.

The first camp meeting was held in June 1922 at Nuku'alofa, attended by members of the Faleloa and Neiafu churches.

Growth in the Tongan mission after the 1920s was largely due to converts among pupils at the SDA schools, especially those of Maggie Ferguson.

The school at Nuku'alofa was reopened with about forty pupils, and a government teacher from Australia joined the mission. The mission bought a small boat named Talafekau (Messenger) for the Faleloa missionaries.

The Talafekau Mo'oni magazine was relaunched in January 1922, printed bi-monthly in Fiji, and a 50-song hymnal in Tongan was also printed.

He noted that the Tongans were very interested in learning English.