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The first, observed on 9 January at approximately 1320, occurred during Kona winds (stormy, rain-bearing winds that blow over the islands from the SW or SSW, in the opposite direction of the normal trade winds).

It did not produce an explosive deposit or excessive amounts of tephra in the collection buckets near the Halema? u Overlook and parking lot (500 m S of active lava lake), but did send ash and at least one 2-3 mm lapillus to the Jaggar Overlook and parking lot (about 1.8 km NW of the lava lake), and generated a composite seismic event. On 23 March at 0036, a slice of the Overlook crater's southern ledge collapsed into the lake, triggering brief spattering and another composite event.

HVO quarterly reports of activity for January-June 2017, by HVO scientists Lil De Smither, Tim Orr, and Matt Patrick, form the basis of this report.There were no major changes at the Pu'u 'O'o crater during the period; only minor fluctuations occurred in the lava pond lake level, and periodic rockfalls briefly disturbed the pond surface.There were, however, many surface breakouts along almost the entire length of the episode 61g lava flow from near the base of Pu'u 'O'o all the way to the Kamokuna ocean entry, about 12 km S.It is located within the 200-m-wide "Overlook crater" at the SE edge of Halema'uma'u.

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The lava lake level rose and fell in reaction to typical summit pressure changes, as reflected in numerous deflation-inflation (DI) events.Short-lived spatter sources around the lake, generally caused by a disruption of the lake surface (e.g., rock falls), would temporarily (and sometimes only locally) redirect the lake surface towards the spatter source.