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In August 1963 the Central Advisory Council for Education (England) were asked by Sir Edward Boyle, the then Minister of Education, to consider the whole subject of primary education and the transition to secondary education.

Sex education Chapter 18 (262-265) Aids to learning and to teaching Chapter 19 (266-272) The child in the school community Chapter 20 (273-295) How primary schools are organised Chapter 21 (296-304) Handicapped children in ordinary schools Chapter 22 (305-308) The education of gifted children Part 6 The adults in the schools Introduction (311-312) The role of the teacher Chapter 23 (313-323) The staffing of schools Chapter 24 (324-338) The deployment of staff Chapter 25 (339-367) The training of primary school teachers Chapter 26 (368-376) The training of nursery assistants and teachers' aides Part 7 Independent schools Chapter 27 (379-386) Independent primary schools Part 8 Primary school buildings and equipment; status; and research Chapter 28 (389-409) Primary school buildings and equipment Chapter 29 (410-422) The status and government of primary education Chapter 30 (423-427) Research, innovation and the dissemination of information Part 9 Conclusions and recommendations Chapter 31 (431-459) The costs and priorities of our recommendations Chapter 32 (460-485) Recommendations and conclusions Notes (486-495) Notes of reservation Annex A (499-503) A questionnaire to witnesses Annex B (504-521) List of witnesses Annex C (522-536) Visits made Glossary (537-541) Index (545-555) A Report of the Central Advisory Council for Education (England) London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1967 Crown copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland.

The following members of the Department and HM Inspectorate assisted the Council: Miss SMC Duncan, HMI. Note of Reservation on Parental Contribution to the Costs of Nursery Education by Professor AJ Ayer, Dr ICR Byatt, Professor DV Donnison, Mr EW Hawkins, Lady Plowden, Mr THF Raison, Brigadier LL Thwaytes and Dr M Young Numbers of Handicapped Pupils Receiving and Awaiting Special Education (in Special Schools, Classes, Units, in Hospitals and at Home) and Prevalence per 10,000 of the School Population in England and Wales, 19 Aerofilms Ltd. Mr J Howard Mr KE Hoy Inner London Education Authority Mr TR Jones Mr E Pearson, HMI Scholastic Souvenir Company Ltd.

The purpose to be achieved, and the test by which its success can be recognised, he defined in 1931 in these words 'What a wise and good parent will desire for his own children, a nation must desire for all children.' Of course, equality of opportunity, even when it means weighting the scales to reduce inequalities, still results in unequal achievements.

But, coupled with a commitment to the highest educational standards, it is the touchstone to apply. Underlying all educational questions is the nature of the child himself.

Hadow, if any man, has the right to be considered the architect of the English educational system as we know it.

The three reports of the Consultative Committee under his chairmanship, the Education of the Adolescent (1926), the Primary School (1931) and Infant and Nursery Schools (1933), virtually laid the foundation of what exists today.

Miss EM Parry, Inspector of Schools, Bristol; Vice-Chairman, National Nursery Examination Board.

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