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08-Oct-2017 23:46

We will have bandages removed during layover at our facility, and re-set by our vet upon request.

Upon confirming shipping arrangements, our travel experts will advise you on the appropriate paperwork needed for your destination.

How To Arrange Shipping: Contact Sallee Horse Vans and we can help with the additional questions you may have concerning your shipping request.

If you have not quite found the ideal insurance for your horse trailer or horse-drawn vehicle, how about tailoring your policy to fit your needs?

They must follow the conditions of their driving licence, follow any towing laws that apply to the country they are driving in and ensure that the towing vehicle complies with the manufacturers recommendations.

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We will call you one or two days in advance of shipping to arrange pick-up times.You can tailor your horse trailer insurance policy with the following Elective covers: Plenty of ways to maximise your savings up to a 30% discount (including 15% Intro Discount).