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13-Jun-2017 18:27

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I said, "You know that time daddy said on the radio that all redheaded Americans should be entitled to 14 wives?

He`s a thinker." Because I watch your show all the time. BONADUCE: The second I said that, you look into the camera and go, "Listen, I`m not a journalist. BONADUCE: So my daughter thinks we`re, like, in simpatico. BONADUCE: So once she gets that, it`s like I made a reference I`m not sure she`d understand.

DONNY BONADUCE, ACTOR: It was not being on television that screwed up my life.

BECK: He`s Danny Bonaduce, and we have him tonight for the full hour.

In 1977 you were one of the most -- 50 famous faces in America. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) GLENN BECK, HOST (voice-over): Growing up, most of America knew him as Danny Partridge, the precocious, conniving, bass playing middle child of "The Partridge Family". BECK: He met his wife, Gretchen, on a blind date, marrying her seven hours later. He`s found success as a radio deejay, and he`s finally returned to the limelight, starring in the hit VH1 reality series "Breaking Bonaduce", a no-holds-barred look at a life that is once again teetering on the verge of self destruction. But every since the show was canceled in 1974, he`s been known mostly as the poster boy for a screwed up ex-child star. At one point, things got so low he was even living out of his car, but through it all, he has persevered. You are one of the first grown up events that I did with my daughter. I believe -- and we`ll get into this later -- I think you and I are a mirror of each other but a fun house mirror.

You actually play a bit of a pivotal role in my life. And that`s one of the things that I am so fascinated about you. would have a line of women outside his dressing room, and apparently he had reached his serviceable limit, and this poor young -- although probably 23 years old -- was walking away, dejected.

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