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She was happy to go to Brisbane with Richard where she obtained a job as the accountant to a company selling swimming pool equipment. They were both determined to keep their marriage alive.

Initially this seemed to be no problem as they learnt the secrets of each other's bodies and experimented with every sexual technique they could think of.

Synopsis: Karen and her husband find that they enjoy S&M and that it has rejuvinated their relationship.

They reply to an advertisement for couples to join a club in which one of the ladies is randomly slected at each meeting to "put on a show" meaning that she will be the one to be tortured that night.

Karen was happy to move to the city as she was stifled by the fact that in the small town she was seen always as her fathers daughter not as a woman in her own right and the wife of a senior executive of the mining company.

With her emotions whipped up in both a literal and figurative sense, she clutched desperately at Richard, her husband, and pulled him to her. Chapter 1 Richard was impressed as he parked on the circular driveway in front of the large federation style house he and his wife Karen were about to visit.

As is normal at this sort of an event there was a lot of dancing, drinking and flirting.