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13-Jul-2017 12:31

Below is an image after performing this and confirming that the new space is displaying.As outlined in my previous images the disk in my example that I am working with is /dev/sda, so we use fdisk to create a new primary partition to make use of the new expanded disk space.Once the physical disk has been increased at the hardware level, we need to get into the operating system and create a new partition that makes use of this space to proceed.Before we can do this we need to check that the new unallocated disk space is detected by the server, you can use “fdisk -l” to list the primary disk.

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Important Note: Be very careful when working with the commands in this article as they have the potential to cause a lot of damage to your data.

If you do not have space for another partition then you will need to consider a different method, there are some others in the above list.

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