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10-Jul-2017 19:51

“Deliverance” by Sergey Kuznetsov, “LJ” by Alexander Stroyev, “Winter Path” by Sergey Tarmayev and Liubov Lvova, “Lyakh (Butterfly)” by Vyacheslav Semyonov, “Snowstorm” by Gleb Glebov, “Moscow Twilight” by Alyona Zvantsova, “She” by Larisa Sadilova, “Pelmeni” by Gennady Ostrovsky, “Insight” by Alexander Melentyev, “Sex, Coffee and Cigarettes” by Sergey Oldenburg-Svintsov, “Dog’s Paradise” by Anna Chernakova, "Hard Luck" by Konstantin Murzenko and "Mine" by Nurbek Egen.

Beside the main show a separate presentation of movies already shown on other film festivals was presented to festival guests.

A Dark, surreal and hypnotic “ is built from simple sensations like “Cold” or “Fear”, building a metaphorical journey into human subconscious, working on instinct and intuition.

Everything is expressed discontinuously, often with violent changes of sounds and rhythm, like a scary and disorienting glare decreasing the perception of reality.

The layering is intensified by Fred Warmsley‘s noisy dark ambient synths that rebuild softly the obscure landscapes of our estrangement.The feature-film jury was headed up by Sergei Shakurov, the People's Artist of the RSFSR.