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Over the next ten weeks, the rivals become tougher popularity being one possible reason.

The rivals will also not be in school before their week begins, so you can't get rid of them early. She is Senpai's Tsundere childhood friend and secretly harbors feelings for him.

However, I’d like to point out that you probably do the same exact thing: “Would it kill you to make plans with me more than a day in advance? Your observations may be correct, but your messaging needs a lot of work.

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Have you ever been treated like royalty by a romantic partner? You can’t make a partner be as thoughtful and generous as you. Treat a guy well and he’s not going to go anywhere.

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A cheerful and friendly girl, she finds it very easy to make friends, and her nature is what attracts Senpai to her.

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The substitute school nurse and a rival to Senpai's affections.

Because she believes in the Myth of the Cherry Tree, she plans to tell him of her feelings on Friday under that tree to make sure he'll accept her. She has a strong belief in the supernatural, and wants to dedicate her life to proving such creatures exist.