Bon jovi dating jennifer nettles

02-Nov-2017 22:05

1 country smash "Who Says You Can't Go Home," chart-topping solo artist and, more recently, Broadway sensation in an acclaimed ­limited-run star turn in .

Of course, she made her name, and had her biggest success, as frontwoman of prolific hitmaking duo Sugarland, whose radio-ready mix of twang and '70s AM rock crunch was inescapable in the mid- and late-2000s. But he and I are enjoying what we each are doing right now."As for Bush, "I'd do it tomorrow," he tells .

should be harder for them to ignore: The songs are witty and ­touching, penned by Nettles with some of Nashville's finest songwriters, including Brandy Clark and Shane Mc Anally.

The album's 11 songs move from the hopped-up sass of the title track ("Here's the way the world sits to me/Good girls rarely make ­history") to bruising power ballads (the lead single "Unlove You") to "Drunk in Heels," which features a string of feminist punchlines.

It's that combination, along with her powerhouse voice, that has made Nettles one of 21st-century country's most compelling stars.

The résumé is impressive: Jon Bon Jovi's duet partner on the No.

Jennifer Nettles has one of those singing voices that cuts through speakers.

So it makes sense that when the country star talks about her craft, the metaphors quickly turn, well, sharp."You can't even believe how comfortable this is," she tells a friend who asks about the jumpsuit.