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21-Jul-2017 02:16

What originated as a solo group morphed into a two-man band, when Brescia met drummer Dave Dariani.

“There was always fairly grand mutual respect and consideration for each other, just because we were friends before anything, so we weren’t pushed together by the show,” he says.Follow the group on Twitter and Instagram at @bobbyrockmusic.Now, five years after The Hills, Justin Bobby Brescia is setting the record straight on the show that made him famous and his and Audrina's 'genuine loving' relationship that definitely was not 'scripted.' Bad boy rap: Justin Bobby Brescia - pictured in 2009 - was the guy who broke Audrina Patridge's heart over and over again on The Hills but now he's setting the record straight on their relationship and a lot of other things Friends: Justin Bobby, pictured with his former love on the MTV reality show, told Us Weekly, 'I was always a friend to her from the get-go and there for her as a friend...“It’s much more simple and raw sound, back to the way music in the ‘90s was and then it started to get over-produced and the production went very extravagant,” band manager Nick Pacelli explained. “He was around so many s—y people on , so to meet someone as honest and straightforward and passionate about something, they really clicked on that level,” he noted.

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“This is bringing it back to the core and heart of music — songwriting and connecting intimately with the audience.” A lot of what inspires Brescia’s new endeavor is working with Dariani. “[Brescia]’s a true Italian man and family is very important. If he trusts you, you’re in the circle, but it’s a real kind of network he’s trying to build for the band and for life in general.” Bobby Rock has plans to release new music in the upcoming year.“There was a genuine loving friendship with me and Audrina,” Brescia said, though he added they no longer keep in touch.